Snapchat and the Millennial Generation

Snapchat and the Millennial Generation Snapchat and the Millennial Generation Snapchat and the Millennial Generation Snapchat and the Millennial Generation
by Christina Lu
Snaps. Geotags. Filters galore. Snapchat is transforming the way people are interacting with each other and engaging with brands. Launching in September 2011, Snapchat has turned into one of the fastest growing social platforms with over 100 million daily active users and 10 billion video views a day.

The most active users on Snapchat are 13-34 year olds in the United States, and more than 60% of smartphone users in this demographic are also Snapchatters. They are sharing, posting, and watching curated content on a platform that is always full-screen and mobile. With content limited to a maximum of 10 seconds, it’s a low investment threshold for people to engage.


So what’s one major differentiating factor between Snapchat and the other social media platforms out there like Facebook, Twitter, etc.? The power of choice. All users who are followers of a brand or influencer view their stories, pictures and videos because they choose to. Think about it. Instead of having content blasted out to hundreds of thousands of followers who might not always be online to view it at any given time on other social platforms, on Snapchat followers and friends must intentionally tap and view snaps. When viewing, the snaps are full screen so it captures the user’s undivided attention at 100%.

Currently, on the BAV PowerGrid, Snapchat is in the Niche quadrant for the General Population and for Millennials it’s in the Leadership Quadrant. Amongst Millennials, Snapchat has higher Brand Strength and Brand Stature.


Diving deeper into the BAV 4 Pillars, Snapchat scores about the same amongst Millennials and the General Population on Energized Differentiation. However, Snapchat is 3.9 times more Relevant, 4.1 times more regarded (Esteem) and 1.7 times more known (Knowledge) to Millennials than the General Population. This reinforces why businesses are considering Snapchat as the platform to reach Millennial consumers.


Currently, Millennials stand at 80 million in the United States, with a spending power of $200 billion by 2017, totaling $10 trillion in their lifetimes. They have over taken baby boomers and are on the rise to be the most targeted consumer group, if not already. Millennials are loyal to the brands that resonate with them and engage with the brands that they love. They value and are conscious of how genuine a brand comes across to them.

Millennials want to stand out and be unique, stay on trend and be original. Individuality and being different is important to them. Interestingly, compared to the General Population, Millennials view Snapchat as more Unique, Up-to-Date, Different, Gaining in Popularity, Trustworthy, Original and Social. Geotags and filters help users customize and make their Snaps more fun. Discover brings Snapchatters closer to the event and keeps them up to date and on trend. These features contribute to why Snapchat’s persona is different and fun.


Perhaps it’s the fact that after 24 hours, content will be permanently deleted as opposed to available indefinitely on the internet. Or perhaps the Millennials like the idea that there’s this space where you can create, share and view content with less judgement. There’s no likes or retweets that help you gain popularity. There’s more intimacy and all content feels raw, unfiltered, genuine. Snapchat has created a fun and unique platform to be social and it’s here to stay.


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