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Members of the BAV Consulting team have authored three books, the most recent of which hit the New York Time’s bestseller list, as well as a myriad of other industry publications.

The Best Countries ebook

Defining Success and Leadership In The Twenty-First Century  

The Athena Doctrine

New York Times Bestseller. How feminine values can solve our toughest problems and build a more prosperous future.

The Brand Bubble

How to use brands to gain and sustain competitive advantage.

Spend Shift

Understanding the post-crisis consumer.

Other Publications

How Sponsors Should Handle a Celebrity Scandal

By Gregory J. Millman; Anna Blender and Michael Spetner Quoted

Corporate sponsors have been forced to decide on their willingness to continue backing celebrities after a string of recent scandals,–from domestic abuse allegations against running back Ray Rice to...

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The Morning Risk Report: Jennifer Lawrence Nude Teaches a Lesson

By Gregory J. Millman; Anna Blender Quoted

Jennifer Lawrence responded to news that allegedly hacked nude photos of her were circulating on the Internet by confirming that they were stolen and threatening legal action against anyone who posted...

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Where Consumption Meets Sustainability: How 'Generation World' Makes Purchase Decisions

By Anna Blender

Last month my colleague, Trish Wheaton, made a case for why the Sustainability conversation needs to shift from the typical “eco-babble” — high-minded and preachy — into something more relatab...

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Celebrity Spokespeople and Brand Equity

By Anna Blender

Madison Avenue and its predecessors have always been mad about celebrity endorsements. There’s nothing like a trusted, handsome face to add authenticity and excitement to a brand message. Some c...

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Inside the Banker’s Brain

By Susan M. Ochs

Sometime during the last few decades, banking stopped working for consumers. It became far too complicated, bankers displayed no sense of empathy, and the industry took a very short-term approach to i...

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India’s Incredible Credibility Gap

By Dipanjan Chatterjee

On battleground Asia, two heavyweights square off: China and India. Both clamor to attract foreign investment, striving to strategically position their national brands to would-be foreign investors s...

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NOTE TO CMO: People Are Your Best Brand Asset

By Dipanjan Chatterjee

Would Starbucks be the same without the green apron-clad barristas drizzling caramel on macchiatos with panache? To what extent is the Apple Store experience inextricable from the tech geniuses hoveri...

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Brands & Rousers: The Holistic System to Foster High-Performing Businesses, Brands and Careers

By Luis Gallardo

How is it that some brands and companies manage to last decades, fending off crises and turbulence and continuing to prosper, while others fail? What does it take to achieve sustainable value and succ...

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