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How Consumerism Has Gone Through "Spend Shift"

Interview between Tess Vigeland and John Gerzema.


The Best Books for Business Owners 2010

Americans emerging from the recession are different from the Americans who went into it. And not just because we have less money. Consumers who once sought status and luxury now prefer goods that spea...


In a Tight Holiday Season, Some Turn to Barter

Article from The New York Times.


Shopping for Bargains... And Buying With Cash

’Tis the season for sales, but can the economy count on the newly cautious American consumer?


John Gerzema in Conversation With Art Kleiner

Video on Vimeo.


Innovation to Help You Concentrate

How new technologies like Instapaper and Trippy help people concentrate and focus on meaningful tasks.


John Gerzema: America’s Thriving Public Libraries

The Texas sun beats down on a mud-colored landscape. A hundred yards to the south a light breeze ripples the water in a shallow pond. A small herd, maybe twenty head, collects where the land dips towa...


The Business of Unfriending People

How start-ups such as GroupMe, Path, Diaspora, and are attempting to descale the social networking landscape.


The Best Books for Business Owners

There are so many great business books to choose from. Which ones should you read? To pick the top business books of the year for the entrepreneur, we turned to editor at large Leigh Buchanan, who wri...


Understanding The Spend Shift

The recession has left most sales executives thinking that the recession put an end to consumer spending. The truth is that consumers are still willing to spend, but their behavior has dramatically sh...


There's More to Hooking Shoppers on Black Friday Than A Good Deal

On the occasion of Black Friday, the first official shopping day of the holiday season, coauthors of the new book "Spend Shift," Michael D'Antonio and John Gerzema, have written an op-ed explaining th...


Restoring Trust to Banking

Smart companies such as Venmo, BankSimple, and PayPal are experimenting with clever ways to rebuild trust in the banking system.


How We Shop—A New Revolution

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center found, “of the 13 recessions that the American public has endured since the Great Depression of 1929-33, none has presented a more punishing combination ...


The Rise of The Surgical Shopper As Impulse Buying Declines

Think of the Mall of America as the Colosseum of American consumerism: It has more than 500 shops, 50 eateries and its own theme park, complete with an indoor roller-coaster. And now it, too, seems a ...


The Spend Shifter Revolution

The elections haven’t ceased. Every day is election day for companies and people are voting with their pocketbooks. Although people are finding themselves less rich, they are feeling more powerful t...


Meet the Spend-Shifters

This long economic slump has led to all kinds of fragmented changes in behaviour. Individuals and companies are spending less and saving more. Thrift has become a virtue and old-fashioned practices su...


Consumer Belts Stay Tight After Recession

Layaway, once the province of the poor, has gone mainstream. At the Mall of America in Minnesota, shoppers dart in for just one or two things. In New York, socialites do the unthinkable: They wear the...


Another 'Great Depression'

For the 80% of Americans born after World War II, the current downturn has prompted big changes in spending habits, according to author John Gerzema. So what are they doing differently?


BOOK WORLD: Bestsellers

Bestseller List from The Washington Post.


Meet the "Mr. October" of Customer Service

The value of trust is not lost on some businesspeople. On a recent visit to San Francisco, I paid a visit to the Giants and met with the team's managers who reviewed for me the multiyear strategy they...


Black Friday: How The New Frugality Affects What We Buy

The recession swept across this country like a storm; hitting hard and wreaking noticeable damage. In response, a lot of Americans began making more responsible financial decisions, paid more attentio...


In Barter Nation, Old Forms of Commerce Are New Again

In the post-financial crisis age, mindless consumption is out, and mindful consumption is in. Eighty-one percent of Americans according to my firm's research say the recent economic crisis has had a l...


John Gerzema talks Spend Shift on Fox Business

Video on YouTube.

10/22/10 Trust and Privacy in the Age of Social Networking

In this excerpt from Spend Shift: How the Post-Crisis Values Revolution Is Changing the Way We Buy, Sell, and Live, authors John Gerzema and Michael D'Antonio tell us about, where you can ha...


Why Banking Tech Needs To Get With The Times

Big changes are needed in the retail banking industry. Bank customers are changing faster than banks, said Deb Bianucci, President and CEO of BAI, a technology and consulting group for the financial s...


Book Review: Spend Shift

Because of the recent financial meltdown and the newly straitened circumstances of many Americans, certain bedrock virtues—thrift, faith, community, hard work—are enjoying a renaissance, according...


Nothing and Everything -- What Consumers Expect from the New Normal

At the height of the Great Recession, when unemployment crossed the ten percent mark and personal income hit its lowest point, most Americans had already taken action to deal with the crisis on person...


The New Era of Secondhand Shopping

This is the first in a series called Secondhand Nation, which takes a closer look at how thrift stores, garage sales and secondhand shops have fared during the recession and what the future holds for ...


How U.S. Consumers Are Steering the 'Spend Shift'

At the height of the Great Recession we set off across America in search of stories of hope. We were armed with data from Young & Rubicam's BrandAsset Valuator that showed how most people were thinkin...


The New Normal: What to Expect of Our Economy

THE NEW NORMAL is an expression, and a condition, we may have to get used to . . . or so many economists are now telling us. And for millions of Americans, even ostensibly good news is providing littl...


5 Traits of the New American Consumer

It's official: Consumerism is dead, and it's been replaced with something better. We've slowed down, started prioritizing financial security over materialism, and wouldn't drive a mega-SUV or live in ...


Picking the Best Name for Your Business

For small businesses, the answer to what’s in a name is everything. Experts say naming your business should require consideration comparable to naming your baby. “Your name really requires almos...


ThinkVoices with Google: Kindness & Empathy

Video on YouTube


Understanding the Consumer of the Future

As chief insights officer for Young & Rubicam, John Gerzema presides over the world's largest database of information about consumer attitudes. Recently, he has been traveling the country, interviewin...


Leading Outside the Lines

Ed Carolan knows a lot about making soup. He also is a master at using performance objectives to motivate frontline workers. From early 2007 through 2009, Carolan was the general manager for StockPot,...

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