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What is BAV Insights?
BAV Insights is a new service from BAV Consulting that provides insights from the Brand Asset Valuator database in report format.  
Why is BAV starting BAV Insights?  
BAV is responding to a changing market research environment by offering a new way for clients to access the power of the BAV database. Clients looking to understand, measure, and track their brands usually engaged a custom market research vendor for a multiyear, multi-wave brand tracking study. BAV Insights can now offer clients brand measurement and tracking in a convenient, economical report format.  
How do clients use BAV Insights reports?
BAV Insights reports fulfill several needs a marketing professional may have during the course of a year. A stand-alone BAV Insights report would enhance your understanding of your brand for a critical meeting. Subscribing to regular delivery of BAV Insights reports would provide quarterly or twice-yearly supplements to your planning processes or your brand tracking initiatives.  
What brands are tracked in BAV Insights reports?
BAV’s database has over 50,000 brands in over 50 countries to choose from. Reports are completely customized by BAV Insights clients; they choose the brands, categories, years to trend, and countries included in their report  
What’s in a BAV Insights report?
BAV Insights offers two levels of reports -- the basic report, called Brand Essentials, and a more detailed report, called Brand Assessment. Both reports provide foundational BAV brand measurement metrics: BAV’s Four Pillars of Brand Health, BAV’s PowerGrid, and BAV Brand Attributes and Imagery. The Brand Assessment report differs from Brand Essentials because it goes deeper into brand imagery and brand tracking metrics, as well as cutting the data by age group. Please check out the detailed information on the product description pages for the Brand Essentials and Brand Assessment.  
What if I’m a BAV Consulting client? Can I now just purchase BAV Insights reports?
BAV Insights could be part of your BAV Consulting engagement – or not. Although BAV Insights delivers brand insight based on BAV Brand Pillars and the BAV PowerGrid, your issues and questions likely don’t stop there. BAV Consulting dives into the underlying BAV data to discover new insights, as well as ensuring insights are actionable for clients who have complex decisions to make, such as marketing partnerships, brand extensions, deep dives into specific audiences, etc.

We’d be happy to discuss the opportunity to build BAV Insights reports into any ongoing consulting engagement if the report fits your business needs.  
What if I’d like to customize a BAV Insights report?
BAV Insights reports are created using standard templates and report on the metrics and measures you’ll find on the Brand Essentials and Brand Assessment pages. Customization beyond these sample reports is not available at this time.  
What’s the difference between the consulting time I receive as part of my BAV Insights report versus the time I spend with a BAV consultant for a custom project?
The consulting time included with BAV Insights reports isn’t custom consulting time. It’s limited to discussing the charts in the report and methodological questions. It’s our opportunity to ensure our clients get the maximum value out of the report.  
Why BAV?
Simply put: methodologically sound data collection methods and the BrandAsset® Valuator model. BAV was originally created twenty years ago by top academics and practitioners and, in the years since, has been vetted, peer-reviewed, and published in leading academic journals, featured in academic and industry conferences, and written about in the leading business and thought-leadership media around the world. No other model of brand development and valuation – with its ability to show the direct and indirect impacts of brands on business metrics like pricing power, loyalty, and P/E ratios. BAV directly measures brand contribution to firm price and financial return.  
What is the scope of BAV’s Coverage?
Two decades of data collection, focusing on seventy-five metrics for 50,000 brands in fifty countries. Annual studies are conducted in seventeen countries comprising 78% of global GDP. In the U.S. alone, we talk to 17,000 people each quarter and collect data on more than 3,000 brands. This database allows us to continually reconfirm and evolve the model itself, as well as provide deep insights to brands around the world – where they currently stand, how they perform compared to competitors, and the ways they can follow other icon brands to positions of greater value.  
BAV Insights Pricing
Pricing for BAV Insights reports is menu driven and built by the customer.
Have more questions or want to talk about how BAV Insights can help your brand?

Talk to our Team, ask questions, and learn how we can help change the way the world thinks about your brand.

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