BAV Bids Farewell to Our Lively, Talented Group of Interns – Summer 2013

BAV Bids Farewell to Our Lively, Talented Group of Interns – Summer 2013
by Michael Zalesne, Junyao Peng, Pascale Tam and Natalia Umeoka
It’s hard to believe that our summer internships at BAV Consulting have nearly come to an end. It was only a few weeks ago that we were greeted by shiny white welcome folders on our desks- areas now cluttered with documents and empty coffee cups from a busy days work. In commemorating our time spent here, the BAV Consulting summer interns of 2013 would like to share some highlights from our experience as honorary members of the BAV family.

From the start of our internship, we’ve come to embrace a workday routine that begins at the glass doors of 3 Columbus Circle. Each morning, we walk from the sweltering summer heat into the cool refuge of the sleek new Y&R building. On the 18th floor, home to BAV Consulting as well as Y&R executives such as Peter Georgescu and Edward Ney, along with the agency founder, Lester Wunderman, we are greeted by long rows of white desks, glass conference rooms, and beautiful views of Columbus Circle and Central Park. Often times, the round table in the middle of the office space holds treats—from Baked by Melissa cupcakes on employee’s birthdays, to bagels on Fridays.

Within the open-seating plan of the office, it is easy—with a swivel of one’s chair—to capture a panorama of everything that is taking place in the office at any given moment. Given the diversity of the people who work at BAV Consulting, you might find yourself seated next to a New York Times Best Selling Author, a former college basketball star, a business economics Ph.D. from Harvard, a former Broadway actress, or the CEO of BAV Consulting.

And the excitement extends outside the walls of the building as well! It wasn’t long before we realized just how lucky we are to work in a building located in the very heart of New York City. During lunch, we take advantage of this as we venture out to explore the city’s nearby restaurants and food trucks. When the weather permits, we enjoy our food together from the 19th floor terrace, taking in the gorgeous view of Columbus Circle and Central Park.

Back at our desks, during the first week of our internship program, we underwent BAV 101 training. It was through this intensive training that we were introduced to the key components of the BAV model constructed around four pillars of brand health: Energized Differentiation, Relevance, Esteem, and Knowledge – presented each day by a different BAV Analyst. At the end of each training session, we worked together in one of the sleek, glass-enclosed conference room’s to complete the BAV exercises assigned for the day. By the end of the week, we were amazed at our own abilities to grasp a whole new way of thinking about brands- from using SPSS, to identifying correlations between brand attributes and analyzing the PowerGrid of a brand lifecycle. With this newfound understanding, we were ready to hit the ground running on projects together with a team of BAV Consultants and Analysts!

As if things couldn’t get more exciting, just one week into our internship program, BAV held a company retreat where employees came from all over the country to present their latest works on topics such as country branding and the new BAV Valuation model. From there, we journeyed to Chelsea Piers for a fun-filled day of team building activities, participating in challenges like obstacle courses, life-size Jenga, and rock climbing, before capping off the evening with a delicious dinner at Chelsea Brewery.

Just two months later, our BAV projects have not only found their way into the clutter atop our white welcome folders, but have come to populate our daily thoughts as well. Even in our final week at BAV Consulting, we find ourselves discussing our team’s latest projects over lunch and reminiscing about our conference room huddles during training week. Our experience at BAV Consulting has not only given us new analytical tools, but has provided us with the opportunity to collaborate with an incredibly fun and diverse group of people, and for that we are so very grateful.

A message to our interns from BAV's full-time staff:
BAV Consulting’s full-time staff could not be happier with the effort and enthusiasm our team of interns applied to our BAV projects. Their talent and thirst for intellectual growth is indicative of their academic roots, coming to us from Wharton, NYU-Stern, Tufts, and Harvard, and exemplify the type of mind we look for at BAV. We are thrilled to count them as members of the BAV family and look forward to many more summers with interns just like them!


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